Waterlees Adventure Playground Liaison Committee quit over broken promises

WHEN the first Waterless Adventure Playground Liaison Committee was organised, all the members’ requests and directives were to be adopted.

We understood that these rules were acceptable, and to be implemented:

1. That only after a daily inspection of all equipment prior to opening would the site be deemed safe.

2. That children aged only between eight and 13 would be eligible for controlled entrance.

3. That there would be play leaders present at all opening times, and that most play items would be monitored by play leaders.

4. That for the peace of mind of the local community, there was to be no opening on a Sunday.

5. That any equipment built outside the perimeter fence would be removed upon completion of the site.

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6. That there would be wheelchair access for the disabled.

None of this has happened.

We feel we have been used as a publicity stunt and seen to be accepting all these parts we were specifically against.

It is no wonder that the entire Liaison Committee resigned.

Jane Leet had the audacity to state “we stepped aside”. She was a little economical with the truth.


Beatrice Road