LETTER: Public meeting to discuss Tony Martin case

A public meeting on the case of Tony Martin is being held this Saturday (November 9) at Elme Hall Ho

A public meeting on the case of Tony Martin is being held this Saturday (November 9) at Elme Hall Hotel in Wisbech. It will be lead by Fenland author Brian Pead. Picture: ARCHANT. - Credit: Archant

At some time between 8 and 9pm on August 20, 1999, an unknown number of intruders smashed their way into Tony Martin’s farmhouse, making as much noise as possible (highly unusual for so-called burglars).

Waking up, and in fear for his life, the farmer ventured to the top of his stairs and fired off a warning shot into the pitch-black darkness - hitting nobody - before driving to a neighbour's to tell him what had happened

So just why was an outspoken critic of police ineptitude and corruption later charged with the murder of 16-year-old Fred Barras and the wounding of Brendon Fearon, when witness statements - hidden from the jury, the Martin family and the public for 20 years - claimed that the teenager was 70 miles away in Newark at the time the farmer fired his gun ?

And just why did the police conceal evidence which showed that the body of Barras had been found near to and not on Tony Martin's farm and that Fearon had been shot outside and not inside a house at all?

I will explain in public meetings to be held at Elme Hall Hotel, Wisbech, on Saturday November 9 (2-5pm & 6-9pm). Free entrance.

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