The future’s not bright for Orange customers in Wisbech

MAY I take the liberty of using your publication to inform Orange Mobile phone users of the reasons behind their difficulties with reception? This is mainly within the Old Walsoken, New Walsoken, Old Lynn Road and surrounding areas.

I have been contacting Orange since April when I first encountered poor signal coverage at best, and non-existent at worse, within this area where previously, it had been excellent. Despite their multiple reassurances that the mast, which had developed a serious fault, was being fixed, I was finally informed last week, four months after my original complaint, that the mast had in fact been decommissioned.

I was also informed that despite this, I was not only expected to continue paying for my contract and could terminate only after the previously agreed term, but that I was contractually obliged to do so as they state in their contract that they are unable to guarantee coverage.

Please be aware therefore, when shopping for a new phone provider, that Orange has no intentions of erecting a new mast within this “Low Impact” area. However, their web site continues to confirm excellent coverage within the whole of Wisbech.


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