Spike pays Wisbech school a visit and hopes it will improve safety

PUPILS of Nene Infant and Nursery School, Wisbech, enjoyed a special day dedicated to learning about road safety and were treated to a visit by Spike the Road Safety Hedgehog.

Spike was accompanied by Rosemary Mullen, Cambs CC’s Safer Routes to School Project Officer who was equipped with all manner of interactive props and demonstrations to allow the children to teach Spike how to cross the road safely.

Through a series of special assemblies children learned the Green Cross Code, how to be safe and seen as well as having the chance to see if the had to sit in a booster seat with a height chart.

The day was filled with a series of activities and discussions that further enhances the Nene School’s commitment to ensuring safer routes to school.

At the end the Nene School Council - made up of elected pupils from each class within the school - met with their co-ordinators to present for a briefing.

The school hopes the project will help to make their environment safer and show how important it is to ensure that the children are aware of the dangers so that they can enjoy the health and social benefits of a walk locally, be it on route to school or around the town.