Slideshow: FREEDOM BRIDGE - Monday's collision was an accident waiting to happen

I SHOW below a copy of the email I sent to Cambs Highways last week, saying that a serious accident is waiting to happen following the lane changes made to Freedom Bridge Roundabout: You have recently changed the lanes one needs to be in – i.e. insid

I SHOW below a copy of the email I sent to Cambs Highways last week, saying that a serious accident is waiting to happen following the lane changes made to Freedom Bridge Roundabout:

"You have recently changed the lanes one needs to be in - i.e. inside lane for A1101S and outside lane for A1101N. No mention of the car park or town centre.

This causes great confusion and I have this morning witnessed several near misses where motorists have to change lanes and cross in front of another vehicle to get to the town centre.

This goes against the Highway Code where the inside lane is for traffic turning right. Motorists are still using this lane as they have always done to get to the car park or town centre and will continue to do so. Why change this long established rule?

It is also creating congestion as there is much more traffic in the outside lane with less in the inside.

There have already been accidents on this roundabout which was already dangerous, with traffic leaving the filling station and the pedestrian crossing and now you have made it worse. Please, please do something as a matter of urgency before there is a serious accident."

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MY views on the roundabout are maybe open to correction as I haven't traversed the roundabout in a few weeks now, but if you are travelling towards Long Sutton on the A1101 the new lane markings weren't (and maybe still aren't) marked or shown on signs on the approach to the roundabout at all.

The left-hand lane is the correct lane to continue along the A1101 according to the Highway Code; according to the new road markings you must use the right lane as the left directs traffic into the car park and along the river bank. The road markings are not very visible in normal slow traffic, and not far enough in advance of the roundabout.

As a truck driver, you need room and time to manoeuvre. If you are new to the area and don't know the markings of the roundabout, you approach the left curve before the roundabout in the left lane, you have the curve creating blind spots on your vehicle, and then a crossing (which according to the Highway Code you shouldn't change lanes on).

When and IF you see the road markings, how and where are you supposed to change lanes? You then get nothing but abuse and idiots taking risks to pass you while trying to change to the correct lane/traverse the roundabout safely.

Wisbech roundabout is (was) not the only roundabout where lane usage has changed and either there are no roads signs, or the signs are conflicting with the road lane markings, either way causing danger to road users where people try to make sense of the situation.

• Wisbech town main roundabout: no road signs, road markings too close to the bend on the approach & to the roundabout and not visible in busy traffic = people in wrong lanes.

• Sutton Bridge roundabout near ex-Greenworld site eastbound: lane markings on road too close to roundabout, no road signs showing lane usage in advance = people in wrong lanes.

• Hardwick Roundabout, King's Lynn, at bottom of slip road eastbound: signs on approach give two conflicting lane disciplines - and then road markings actually at bottom of slip are different again = people in wrong lanes.

Is it any surprise some collision accidents happen when only half a job is done by highways dept chiefs?



MAY I comment on the accident that has occurred on Wisbech roundabout.

This was an accident waiting to happen. When are the authorities who are responsible for this roundabout going to wake up and realise that they have made the current traffic flows worse rather than better.

I now sit in traffic at all times of the day in Lynn Road because they have changed the priorities for traffic.

We, the people, were not consulted about the changes to the roundabout. Why not ask your readers what they currently think about this shambles of a roundabout. How many more injuries are we going to witness before action is taken?

But let's not stop there. The traffic lights at the White Lion have no signs and you can have people cutting you up. It's not their fault - where are the signs? We, after all, have been using these lanes for more than 20 years at least.

It is time to stop lorries using Wisbech town centre so that I and other people never have to witness an accident like this again!


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WITH regard to the accident that happened on the pedestrian crossing on Monday: when is something going to be done about this crossing.

Not so long ago there was yet another fatal accident when an elderly man was killed in almost the same spot. I thought the crossing was going to be taken away, and the exit from the BP garage was to be changed.

The roundabout is a nightmare and, when an accident happens on it, the whole town comes to a standstill. Please do something before another life is taken!


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I CAN never understand why the zebra crossing was put there in the first place.

I had an accident there last April where a car went into the rear of me. I don't think the driver of the other car expected traffic to stop on the roundabout, as there is nowhere to go if someone is crossing the road and you're heading down Churchill Road.

It needs removing or putting further back and traffic lights put in place with a proper crossing.


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I CONSIDER myself an experienced driver who has driven all over Britain. In my opinion the changes to the Horsefair Roundabout have made this roundabout into the most atrocious roundabout I have had to drive round.

I used to travel along St Augustine's Road on to Lynn Road before crossing the roundabout. Since the recent changes have been made, getting on to Lynn Road alone is impossible unless someone is kind enough to let me out.

Once onto the Lynn Road it is with a deep breath and guidance from above I manoeuvre my crossing to Nene Quay and then on to South Brink.

I have never seen such a daft layout leading up to and on to a roundabout. My personal belief is that this layout must have been some poor surveyor's first project and needs to go back to the drawing boards.


Cypress Close



HOW many times do we see pedestrians walk straight across a crossing without looking or even pausing to make sure the traffic has stopped?

Maybe this accident could have been avoided if this person had followed the Highway Code.

How many of our foreign visitors know how to use a Zebra Crossing? Do cyclists know that Zebra Crossings are not for their use? Clue in the name, 'Pedestrian Crossing'.


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