LETTER: School parking hell at Trafford Park in Wisbech

Cars illegally parked in Trafford Park, Wisbech. Picture: SUPPLIED

Cars illegally parked in Trafford Park, Wisbech. Picture: SUPPLIED - Credit: SUPPLIED

I read your article in this week’s Wisbech Standard Titled “There’s more where that one came from”.

What an outstanding read that was and I must congratulate the police officer involved. I Live in Trafford Park Wisbech which is a dead end road however there is a school at the end of Trafford Park.

There are very clear double yellow lines and yellow zig zags that to any law abiding citizen show you can not park there however every day Monday to Friday in the mornings and then in the afternoon we have huge problems with illegal parking by people who are to arrogant to obey the law.

We as residents during these periods of illegal parking can not enter or exit our properties and once you get out of your car and complain you are met quite often with abuse.

We have been here now for one year and within that time I have reported this illegal activity on many occasions and have incident numbers and only this Thursday got a criminal incident number due to the fact I was verbally abused by one of these people who continue to break the law.

The trouble we have is the Wisbech Police will not do anything about it at all as they are always to busy. I have even been to the police station and informed them of this problem and reminded them that these double yellow lines and zig zags were put there some time ago as a young child was pinned up against a wall. I stated to the police at Wisbech are they waiting for a child to get killed before they do something and all you ever get is “No Comment”.

The Wisbech Police are a laughing stock and they should be ashamed of themselves by letting these people illegally park every single school day of the week. As one of your readers stated come to Wisbech and you will run out of pen and paper before you run out of illegally parked cars.

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I have attached a couple of photos for you to look at which shows how small this road is and how the Police in Wisbech just turn a blind eye and let this happen.

Once again well done to the police officer in Whittlesey, if you run out of cars come to Wisbech you will be in heaven.

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