Only the Union Flat and St George flag should be flown at Wisbech school

I READ your recent article about the Thomas Clarkson Community College, in Wisbech, with interest.

If true, I object to the flags of all the nationalities taught at the school being flown. This is Britain and only the Union Flag and St George Flag should be flown. I hope the foreign children will be taught our heritage and way of life.

As for the names of the new centres yes, Pankhurst is part of our history. Madiba named after Nelson Mandela is not. A better name would be Sims House after Councillor Les Sims, whose service to Wisbech and country was second to none.

Martin Luther King is American and instead it should be called Kohima House in memory of all the local men who fought and died in the Far East.

In the entrance there should be a plaque with the following words carved on it: “when you go home tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow we gave our today.”

I hope Maureen Strudwick and her governors take note.


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