Noise from new coldstore in Wisbech is unbearable

HAVING now allowed an extended period for the Partner Logistics coldstore in Wisbech to become fully operational, I had hoped that at some point the 24/7 racket being produced would subside. It would appear my hopes were misplaced.

If anything, it has continued to worsen, and the noise has become quite unacceptable. Even with my double glazing closed overnight, I find it almost impossible to manage uninterrupted sleep.

The problem is compounded by the constant overnight use of Boleness road as an unofficial parking site for refrigerated lorries, most of which seem to keep their refrigeration units running at all times of the day and night.

Also, bearing in mind that this coldsore (sic) is built on the site of the New Drove allotments, and following the magnanimous gesture of Fenland District Council in returning the other local allotments to their rightful owner, Wisbech Town Council, will Fenland also be handing over to the Town Council the �1 million they received in payment for the site? You could probably go a long way to sorting out the market place with that amount of cash!


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