No Braille books available at Wisbech Library for my blind cousin to enjoy

I VISITED the ‘new and improved’ Wisbech Library last week with my cousin who was visiting the town and who is registered blind.

With so much money spent on improving the facilities he was really keen to see how user friendly it was from a blind/partially sighted person’s perspective.

Yes, the stairs are well lit and a lift provided. There was somewhere comfortable to sit and even a vending machine. But imagine his disappointment when he was told there was no Braille books available for him.

There are large print books, audio books but nothing for those who cannot see to read a text book.

Surely after spending so much money a few could be provided, and let’s not forget its not just the older generation who have sight issues but children and young adults.

There isn’t even the facility for him to listen to an audio book in the library yet there is the facility for a sighted person to read an array of newspapers and even popular magazines, and loan books.

So his thoughts on the new library was simple, he can go there to have a sit down, a drink, visit the men’s room and have a chat with folk using the library - however the one thing he can’t do is read or borrow a book.

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