LETTER: Selective Landlord Licensing would be hugely beneficial to both landlords and tenants

There are many principles with which all local politicians should agree, if they want to do their very best for the town and its residents and I fully support all those listed in the letter - Positive Way Forward?

The battle for an acceptable level of funding for the NHS is an ongoing one and the continuance of the MIU and all other local NHS services provided at the North Cambs Hospital is by no means assured due to the continuing pressure of ‘savings’ being required by the Govt at a time when the NHS desperately needs more resources.

Wisbech has been treated poorly for many years when it comes to local policing and this must be reversed. We also need regular traffic warden visits to enforce parking restrictions in the town and improvements to road access and speeding restrictions as appropriate.

Wisbech is a beautiful town and it’s very important historically too with one of the first purpose-built Museums, which still has its original collections.

It’s priceless and cannot be allowed to be lost because of cutbacks to FDC’s budgets.

Wisbech Castle is another jewel positioned in a remarkable Georgian double crescent (or circus). Given to Cambridgeshire County Council, there must a way for it to remain publicly-owned for the benefit of the people of Wisbech. Both sites form a part of historical Wisbech, which ought to be a magnet for cultural and historical tourists, if promoted effectively.

One of the most important principles we should all agree on is that of Selective Landlord Licensing, which would be hugely beneficial to both landlords and tenants. Rental properties, including small HMOs, would have to be safe, healthy and free from hazards.

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The scheme would improve property management practices and prevent reductions in rental values, which result from deteriorating properties.

This would lead to an increase in the viability of private renting and prevent areas of decline from developing or extending.

It would also protect the value of the homes of owner-occupiers.

I look forward to local politicians agreeing on some common causes for a change!


Chair NE Cambs Labour Party