LETTER: Police patrols seem a good idea, but need looking at in detail

As Cllr Tierney is starting his patrols I would like to know whether the members of his patrols will be CRB checked or will this just be an oversight on his and the councils part.

Will any of them have mentoring skills as they are often needed when dealing with young people? Whill any one of them have drug and alcohol training as this will be needed almost nightly when they will be going out?

Will they be going out in twos for their own protection? Will many women be involved as it often helps when a woman is distressed that she is able to talk to another woman?

I would like to know whether Cllr Tierney will have public liability insurance in place.

This is for his own and the groups protection.

God forbid someone makes a claim for negligence on the groups behalf.

I also need to know which police officers will be involved with this group and how often.

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Cllr Tierney will have to have legal protection for the group.

Again, I need to know who this will be with and the level of cover as you need a good level of cover with projects like this.

In principal this is a good idea but it needs looking at and thinking through so no one is put at risk.

Will this group be affiliated to the town council, and will the town council be held responsible if anything goes wrong?

I cannot understand why members of the town council cannot work closely with the police on the issues raised above.


Cllr Paul Clapp

Wisbech North Division