LETTER: ‘Conservatives put themselves in position first rather than utilising experience’

Well I have to say that much of what Alan says is totally true in that the Conservatives put themselves in position first rather than utilising the experience of others regarding appointments on committees.

This is not the only case as the appointment of the mayor in recent years is also political rather than non political.

In recent years the elected mayors have been young and have served less time on council than many other councillors both in time served and age such as Michael and Virginia Bucknor.

Yet Wisbech council’s handbook states the following ‘it is custom and practice on this council for the mayor to be selected on seniority and long service, whilst being mindful to select, where possible a member who has not served as mayor before’.

So if you have seniority and are time served you will not be given the opportunity to take up the post and preference given to the inexperienced family of the Conservative party along with other committee posts and appointments.

So much for custom and practice at Wisbech Town Council by their ruling group who put themselves totally before others regardless of whether they have the experience or not.

I attended Wisbech Town Counil meeting last Monday and at that meeting not one word was uttered by the chairman of planning Councillor Jess Oliver who along with a few others seemed totally out of their depth.

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