It’s not just about MPs’qualifications

LIKE Trevor Bevis ( Modern politics is a disgrace , letters, 8 February), I too have concerns. But could I invite him, please, to clarify his proposal that Members of Parliament, and especially ministers should be expected to possess qualifications in

LIKE Trevor Bevis ('Modern politics is a disgrace', letters, 8 February), I too have concerns.

But could I invite him, please, to clarify his proposal that 'Members of Parliament, and especially ministers' should be expected to 'possess qualifications in economy, management and use of logic.'

1 What specific qualifications in economy, management and use of logic will be required?

2 Will more advanced qualifications be required for government ministers and secretaries of state than will be the case for backbenchers?

3 What special qualifications, if any, will be required of the Prime Minister? And the leaders of the opposition parties?

4 Will a more advanced qualification requirement apply to all/some opposition frontbenchers?

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6 Will there be a qualification requirement for members of the House of Lords?

7 Will a qualification requirement have any application in local government?

8 And finally, for now, does Mr Bevis have any proposals regarding qualifications that might be required of we the electorate. According to his reckoning, universal suffrage seems scarcely to have served us well.


Old Coach and Horses

Folgate Lane

Walpole St Peter

# TREVOR Bevis offered a lucid view which probably represents the views of many voters.

It should however, be borne in mind that these MPs who rise to the elevated ranks (as ministers), head departments with a staff of thousands, and have innumerable

advisers to help in their deliberations

After the recent furore over the expenses of the average MP, I decided to research this subject on the internet, and was surprised to discover just how well they all do.

The financial expenditure, purely for members, is staggering. So Mr Bevis, it isn't just a matter of their qualifications that may be in question, it's also the amount of money we (the taxpayers) pay for the privilege of being represented?



# CONGRATULATIONS on your elevation to the exalted role of editor of the esteemed organ, the Cambs Times.

May I ask you not to publish so many right wing rants from a Mr Trevor Bevis who, for a historian, seems to have a very skewed idea of history.

Hardly a week goes by without a missive from this gentleman and in the short time I've lived in March, he always seems to be moaning and giving offence to some section of the public.

There is never a response printed and left wing views hardly ever make your pages. There are still some of us who are socialists you know.

I look forward to your comments and reply


Acacia Grove


(Editor's footnote: I have replied

personally to Mr Mitchell - and enjoyed an interesting exchange of thoughts!).