GPs and staff at Fenland village surgery deserve praise and support while working from scout hut

I AM a patient at St John’s Surgery in Terrington St John and I hope that I speak on behalf of the majority of the people who are registered at the surgery.

I have read lots of negative press comments recently regarding the practice operating out of the scout hut. Although I agree that this is not an ideal situation, I feel it’s about time that the press published some positive comments regarding these circumstances.

The girls and the GPs are working in this environment everyday having to deal with lots of rude and aggressive patients. Imagine how these patients would feel if they had to work in these conditions through no fault of their own and drive past the old surgery building, in which they worked in for many years, remaining empty yet still looking inviting and warm and fully equipped!

This has been thrust upon them, with hardly any notice and yet their determination to provide us patients with a service should be highly commended.

As far as the medical care goes, the standard has not deteriorated at all. If it wasn’t for the exceptional visual diagnosis by Dr Atcheson whilst I sat in the waiting room for an appointment for another matter I would have ended up extremely poorly.

So please recognise that the GPs, nurses, management and staffing teams need our support as they are continuously supporting us, the patients and the community.


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