Five years after their son was killed ‘there’s not many days gone by when one of us hasn’t shed a tear for him’ write Wisbech parents

Jamie Butcher

Jamie Butcher - Credit: Archant

Wisbech parents STEVEN GREEN and TINA BUTCHER have written a blog to support an anti-speeding campaign by Cambridgeshire Police. Their words, below, will appear on the Cambs Police website.

It was a normal Sunday afternoon. Jamie was at home with us in Wisbech on a break from studying Human Psychology at Leicester University. We loved having him back home.

Jamie was on cloud nine, as were we. He’d just found out that he had been accepted at Manchester University to study Human Rights Law. His future was looking so bright.

He told us he needed to pop into town and go to the cashpoint. As we muttered the words, ‘Ok, see you shortly’ we never dreamed it would be the last time we would get to see or speak to our son.

Too much time had passed and Jamie hadn’t returned home. We tried calling him but it wasn’t until Steve took a drive into town to look for him that we knew something wasn’t right.

The roads were closed off and I couldn’t get close. I saw a police officer and I expressed my concern that Jamie hadn’t returned home. She kindly took my details, told me to return home and try not to worry.

There were thoughts running through our heads. By this point we were sure something had happened. Perhaps he’d been hit by a car or mugged. Maybe he’d got a broken bone and been taken to hospital.

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We couldn’t sit around and wait any longer, we decided to both get in the car and see what we could find out.

As we walked out of the house a police car pulled up outside and two traffic officers started walking towards us. Our thoughts were confirmed, something had happened. We just hoped in our hearts it wasn’t serious. They guided us into the kitchen and our worst fears were confirmed. Our son, Jamie, had been killed.

We discovered that Jamie had made it to the cashpoint and also bumped into a friend before attempting to cross Churchill Road in Wisbech. It was a traffic light controlled pedestrian crossing and he waited until it was safe to cross, like he was always taught as a boy.

However, as he stepped out into the road, he was hit by a motorist driving at least 58mph on what was a 30mph road.

Jamie was just 22 years old. You couldn’t have asked for a nicer lad. He was intelligent, soft hearted, always there to help others. He had a huge circle of friends. He was perfect.

There’s not a day that goes by when we don’t think about him. There’s not many days gone by when one of us hasn’t shed a tear for him.

You watch the news every day and you hear about people being killed on the roads. You take a moment and think but then you carry on with your life. That is, until it happens to you. Then you are in a nightmare, a nightmare that stays with you and your family for the rest of your life.

Being behind the wheel of a car is like guiding a missile. Just a few miles per hour over the limit and you might shed a few seconds off your journey but you’ll leave people like us with a lifetime of heartache.