FENLANDER: New cameras to curb Wisbech Park crime

NEW CCTV cameras have been installed in Wisbech Park to make it easier to tackle crime and antisocial behaviour there, particularly at night.

The move follows extensive consultation with local residents that has shown a big demand for increased CCTV coverage.

The new cameras are infra-red, enabling them to film even in the darkest areas of the park. They provide clearer images, making it easier to identify offenders, and have a broader range.

Some extra infra-red lamps have also been set up to support the new cameras in monitoring the whole park.

The existing cameras had been in place there since 1999 and had detected and responded to nearly 2,000 incidents. They have enabled the police to arrest or fine more than 100 people, with many others being cautioned.

Councillor David Oliver, FDC’s portfolio holder responsible for community safety, said: “We’re responding to the concerns that many people have expressed about crime and antisocial behaviour in the park. These new cameras will significantly increase our ability to tackle offenders.

“Our CCTV service is already very effective, as the figures show, and this represents a further significant improvement.”

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Across the whole district, the CCTV service responded to almost 3,200 incidents last year, with its interventions leading to 616 people being arrested or fined.