Cromwell Road Blackspot

GRATEFUL as I am to you publishing my letter with the heading ‘GET THESE LIGHTS INSTALLED’ in your issue of Friday January 7, 2011,

I am a little disappointed that there has not been any follow-up to investigate why nothing is being done to improve the situation at the junction of Cromwell Road/Weasenham Lane, Wisbech.

As we see from your issue of Friday January 21 yet another serious accident took place in which the people involved were very lucky to get away with minor injuries.

Would you please take up investigating as to what the authorities are doing to stop such incidents happening.

Why isn’t anything being done?

Who is responsible for sorting the problem out?

How much has it already cost in attendance of emergency services and treating people in hospital for injuries?

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Is there a plan to solve the problem or is it just waffle?

Surely it is worth looking into this matter resulting in saving lives that are certainly at risk when travelling at this location - nobody seems to be interested in saving lives by solving this problem - then if someone is killed it is only a statistic!


Who uses the Cromwell Road daily