Closing date was changed

FURTHER to the article on the front page of last week’s edition, the closing date for objections to the licensing application was to be July 20, but has been extended to July 23.

The Football Club, faced with several difficulties over its new stadium, have obviously sought to fund its continued survival by whatever means or sponsorship they can. However, the manner in which they or their agents have managed this new change has left the majority of local residents, by which I mean those living close to the ground, out in the dark.

The application for an entertainment and alcohol license has only been posted in the King’s Lynn paper and on a lamppost adjacent to the ground; with no pedestrian traffic few people will read the last and a notice in the Lynn paper will be either ignored by the majority of its readers, or the import of such a notice will be missed.

I personally echo the leader writer in last weeks edition of the Standard that said, let the original closing time stand until the local residents have a chance to adjust to the club’s activities.

I do hope the club’s ruling body will take on board the idea that their audience is not just the football and drinking fraternity, but also the residents around their new ground.


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