BRAMLEY LINE: Group still going strong

FOLLOWING a recent meeting by two members of the Wisbech & March Bramley Line committee with some Network Rail managers, when they paid a courtesy visit to the area to see condition of the line for themselves, plus in reply to complaints by residents of t

FOLLOWING a recent meeting by two members of the Wisbech & March Bramley Line committee with some Network Rail managers, when they paid a courtesy visit to the area to see condition of the line for themselves, plus in reply to complaints by residents of the road, the gates on the level crossing at Newbridge Lane have now been replaced.

The original gates were reported to have been destroyed some years ago by a joy-rider who when trying to escape from the police smashed through them and not replaced until now.

While they are not the normal style gates for a level crossing, but those of a farm crossing, or occupational crossing as they are called, perhaps this will help prove to the mere handful of doubters, that the fact is, we are eventually going to run trains on here, but not until such times we have the finance to do it, because it can't be done on a sixpence.

Like the track clearing programme, the fund-raising is an on-going item within the Group and we are always looking for ways to raise money, even by means of sponsorship, because so far, every penny held, has been raised by the members and not by way of grants, or money from the National Lottery despite trying for it.

So far, only Roddons have donated any money to our group and for new office equipment that was needed and we are so grateful for.

It seems that ever since the group sold the coaches off, somebody has been going around saying we are folding, but not yet been to tell us that.

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To set the record straight about the coaches, initially they were sold off following endless vandalism while being stabled in March East Yard.

It was discovered at the time of their removal that these coaches would not have been of use to us on this line because of the manner in which they were coupled together, so would have had to have been sold off anyway.

So to anybody hearing these petty rumours, or doubting us and as to what is happening, check out either or first, or simply join and help us raise the funds needed to do it all that bit quicker.

We did have a date in mind for opening the line, but sadly due to the lack of support hoped for in time to do it; this date had to be cancelled.

Please note, that entirely due to circumstances beyond the control of Bramley Line Committee, meetings are no longer being held at the Royal British Legion Club in March, so we are looking for a new venue.

Until such times we find a new one, meetings will now be held bi-monthly and at Wisbech as booked.

The next meeting will be held in St. Peters Church Hall, Wisbech on Wednesday, then 24th September, both with a 7.30.p.m. start.

Brian Baylis - Chairman