The remarkable story of a remarkable young man with Down syndrome who joined Weight Watchers and has shed a remarkable 61 lbs

Ashley White, 29, has shed a remarkable 61 lbs since joining the Wisbech Weight Watchers. His has be

Ashley White, 29, has shed a remarkable 61 lbs since joining the Wisbech Weight Watchers. His has been an inspirational journey. Picture; WEIGHT WATCHERS - Credit: Archant

A young man with Down syndrome has won the admiration of a Wisbech slimming group after shedding a remarkable 61 lbs.

Ashley White, 29, joined Weight Watchers four years ago because of health issues over his weight.

His integration into the group and the support he received has held up him as a role model by club members.

At the start of his weight loss journey he weighed 15st 6lb but is now down to 11st 1lb, a loss of 4st 5lbs.

His decision to join the club came after a Weight Watchers member chatted with Ashley in the charity shop where they both do voluntary work.

“He’s now able to be up and down stairs all day with stock to help the ladies in the shop, which he would have been unable to do without losing all this weight,” said a Weight Watchers (WW) spokesman.

“Ashley joined WW because of health problems; Ashley was struggling to walk his knees and back hurt, also he was diagnosed with sleep apnoea and his life was at risk. “He had to sleep with a mask on. He was unhappy, overweight and we could not go on, and became depressed.”

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The spokesman said: “Ashley’s mum is a member of WW and wanted to take Ashley to meetings but thought he would not cope with a healthy eating plan.

“Ashley has a learning disability which can lead to outbursts of behaviour and his mum knew he would struggle.”

With the support of Pauline and her team “Ashley has become a very happy sociable member of WW” said the spokesman.

“He has coped with the plan and loved attending the meetings. He is accepted and supported by all the members.

“Pauline is always on hand to take time to support giving stickers and certificates throughout his weight loss journey. Ashley has made many friends in the group and all are so proud of him.”

Ashley has taken on board he needs to exercise and can jog run dance and sail.

And he loves all his new clothes.

Ashley’s mum did not think he would stop eating cakes which he loved. But he has become good at making choices when the family is out and is aware not to overeat and loves fruit and salads.

“WW has changed his life and Ashley’s mum want others to know that anyone can do it,” said the spokesman.