What to watch over Christmas

Our must-have picks for what to watch this Christmas!


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Classic Christmas DVDs


A princess uses her power to turn her home town into infinite winter. Her sister sets out on a quest with friends, a reindeer and a snowman to revert her sisters curse.

Polar Express

On Christmas Eve a young boy starts the adventure of a lifetime. He boards a train heading to Santa Claus' home.

Arthur Christmas

Santa's son decides to have a mission of his own. He wants to save a child's Christmas.

The Holiday

This romantic comedy stars Cameron Diaz, Jack Black, Kate Winslet and Jude Law. Both women exchange homes in a bid to escape heartbreak and meet the love of their lives.

The Grinch

Jim Carrey plays the Grinch who hates Christmas. He plots to steal Christmas away from the Whos who love Christmas dearly. However, he is befriended by a Who, which threatens to put his plan in doubt.


A man who was raised as an elf (Will Ferrell) in the North Pole is sent to the U.S to try and find out his true identity after causing havoc for many years in the elf community.

The Snowman

Animated story of a young boy who makes a snowman at Christmas. The snowman comes to life and they go on a magical adventure that night.

A Christmas Carol

Jim Carrey helps bring the Dickens tale back to life. Scrooge, played by Carrey, is miserable at Christmas. Ghosts visit him to show him the effects he has had on people's lives, and to finally give him some home truths. Will Scrooge change?

Tim Burton's: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Animated, and suitable for children, this film will get you in the Christmas mood. The Pumpkin King inadvertently puts Christmas in doubt after landing Santa Claus in trouble, after trying to do the opposite and make Christmas a special one. Will Christmas go ahead? Who will save the day?

Home Alone

One of the best Christmas films ever - Macaulay Culkin plays Kevin McCallister who gets accidentally left home alone while his whole family (and there are a lot of them) go to Paris for the holidays. Throw in a couple of burglars who want to rob the McCallisters house and a scary old man and you've got a laugh-out-loud, but also sentimental festive cracker. Fun for all ages.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Obviously the sequel to Home Alone - but unlike many sequels this is better than the first. Almost the exact same storyline is followed, but in a different location, yet it still manages to make you laugh and cry in all the right places. Instead of the creepy old man, there's a creepy old woman, the huge family is still there the one-liners are still there, but by throwing in the backdrop of New York City you get an instant hit.

Jingle all the Way

Although Arnie is not the best actor in the world this is a fab holiday film. Arnie plays a Dad married to his career, he keeps breaking his promises to his son, but when he promises to get his son the Christmas must-have toy - Turboman he thinks it’s a promise he can actually keep. Trouble is it's Christmas Eve and there are no Turboman's anywhere. As with all great Christmas films there's a moral to the story, but it doesn't spoil this film it really is hilarious.

Love Actually

An all-star cast for this heart-warming charming film. There's a huge cast including Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Andrew Lincoln, Keira Knightley and loads more - each character's love situation weaves in subtly with each others set against a beautiful London Christmas backdrop.

The Santa Clause

Tim Allen is Scott Calvin in this hilarious children’s story where he mistakenly puts on a Santa suit and becomes the man himself. Scott and his son are whisked away to the North Pole where 'Santa' is told what his new duties are. Scott's life changes from this day on - not only his appearance (white beard, fat belly and a love of cookies and milk), but trying to convince people that he’s not mad - he's Santa.

Miracle On 34th Street

Another classic - Richard Attenborough stars as Kris Kringle the real life Santa Claus who by chance becomes Coles department store's Santa. A rival department store wants him as theirs so employ dirty tricks to get him. A feel-good film that gets you in the mood for the festive season - although I watch it all year round.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

If there's one Christmas film you must see it’s this one. From start to finish you will be peeing your pants. Chevy Chase plays Clark Griswald the man who has great intentions, but can never quite pull them off. The Griswald's have the whole family coming for Christmas so cue mayhem and stress including a squirrel on the loose with a rottweiler chasing it.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

A real Christmas time favourite. Michael Caine stars as Scrooge in this classic Dicken's tale. Kermit the frog is Scrooge's employee, Bob Cratchit and Miss Piggy plays his wife. Defintely worth a watch!

Family Guy: Happy Freakin' Christmas

One for the adults. Enjoy the special Christmas edition of Family Guy. Peter raids a trailer park in a bid to find presents, Lois is overcome with stress, Stewie makes a discovery and as for Brian and Meg, you will have to wait and see!

Four Christmases

Vince Vaughn and Reece Witherspoon star in this one. Through a series of events then end up having four Christmases in one day. Find out how they both get on and whether their relationship can survive.