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Fri, 16:28

Two letters in response to the Trades Council press release of November 2, which was published as a letter in your November 7 edition, present a pretty inaccurate picture of both the fire and rescue service and the reasons for the dispute.

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Yet again, another group is seeking to reopen the rail link between Wisbech and March, but why only now?

March will be lit up for Christmas on Friday, November 28.

Fenland starts lighting up for Christmas next week with three towns turning on their festive street decorations in three days.

Mayor of Chatteris, Cllr James Carney, as the town crier. Cllr Carney’s role as mayor means he has had to give up the position of town crier. Picture: MATT HALMSHAW

Do you have a powerful voice and are you happy to dress up and perform in public?

On behalf of the clients who attend, and volunteers who run, March Foodbank I would like to say a big thank you to all readers who have donated food over the last year.

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